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Eco -cooled neck ring [For your dog]
Eco -cooled neck ring [For your dog]
Eco -cooled neck ring [For your dog]
Eco -cooled neck ring [For your dog]
Eco -cooled neck ring [For your dog]
Eco -cooled neck ring [For your dog]
Eco -cooled neck ring [For your dog]
Eco -cooled neck ring [For your dog]
Eco -cooled neck ring [For your dog]
Eco -cooled neck ring [For your dog]
Eco -cooled neck ring [For your dog]
Eco -cooled neck ring [For your dog]
Eco -cooled neck ring [For your dog]
Eco -cooled neck ring [For your dog]
Eco -cooled neck ring [For your dog]
Eco -cooled neck ring [For your dog]
Eco -cooled neck ring [For your dog]
Eco -cooled neck ring [For your dog]
Eco -cooled neck ring [For your dog]
Beige Beige
[SUO x Monchéri]
SUO × MONCHERI's cool neck ring, which was very popular last year, appeared this year too !!
It is a neck type ring used over the neck.
You can spend a cool time while walking.
No matter how much the temperature rises or liquefied, it keeps 28 degrees, so the point is moderately cool.
In the environment of 28 ° C or less, it will naturally solidify, whether outdoors or outdoors.
Maintain the optimal cooling temperature, prevent skin necrosis and frostbite due to excessive cooling, and quickly control body temperature.
In addition, this is an eco -friendly item that can be used repeatedly.
It can be used many times by crystallizing the water -solved gel again.
There is no need to worry about burning when the product absorbs heat and becomes liquid.
In addition, it is a nice item for dogs without the hassle of condensation.
The coloring is a fashionable beige color.
The MONCHERI logo on the back is also a point.
It also sells the owner of the same pattern, so you can wear it together with your dog.
-how to use-
① Cool the body with a freezer or cold water.
② Please use it when the product becomes hard.

* Please refrain from using it other than the original application.
* Do not stab or damage the main unit with sharp ones.
* Because it repeats freezing and melting (solid → liquid), there may be some changes in shape, but there is no problem in use.
* Rarely, small substances may be mixed in the contents in the production process, but there is no problem in use.
* If the contents are leaked, such as damage, stop using it immediately.
If the contents are in your hand, rinse with water.
(If you have any abnormalities, please consult a specialist)
* If the surface is dirty, wash it with water.
* Please keep it out of reach of children and infants.
Do not put it near the fire, high temperature.
* If you want to keep it, keep it as flat as possible to prevent it from the one in the contents.
* Do not use in places where the owner is out of sight.
* Do not use if you have a lot of chewing habits or pranks.
* If you accidentally swallow the contents, please consult a veterinarian.
* Please check the size carefully before purchasing.

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Eco -cooled neck ring owner]

Toy Poodle (Brown) Wear Size XS/Weight 2kg * Large hair amount

Material: TPU
size Neck (cm) Thickness (cm) Weight (G)
F Approximately 19-26 Approximately 1.4 30
◆ Product image is a worn image.
The color may differ from the real thing depending on the light and angle.
◆ Please note that the description size may differ from the actual product depending on the material.
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