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Clothing & Accessories for Dogs Clothing & Accessories for Dogs

Size guide

If you are not sure about the size of your dog's clothes or collar, please read the following precautions carefully and measure. The size may vary depending on individual differences such as dog breed and physique, and depending on the design and shape of clothes, so please order after measuring the size of the dog that is always kept at the time of order. In addition, notations such as for small (medium and large) type dogs are used for convenience. Please understand that strict definition is difficult, and please check the actual product size before purchasing.

When trying to size, be sure to measure it with the dog standing. The size may vary depending on the design. Please understand in advance.
Nude dimensions Neck (cm) Chest (cm) Back length (cm) Weight (approximate)
XS 14~20 24~34 16~20 ~1.5㎏
S 18~24 30~40 20~24 ~2㎏
M 22~28 34~44 24~28 ~4㎏
L 26~32 38~48 28~32 ~6㎏
XL 30~36 42~52 32~36 ~8㎏

※ Nude dimensions are dimensions that are a guide to the finish of each dress.
※ The resulting size of the clothes varies depending on the design and material, so please check each product page.

Notes on the size of your clothes

・ Please refer to the size described on the product detail page for the size for each product.
・ Please do it without wearing clothes etc. at the time of measuring.
・ When purchasing, we recommend that you choose as large a size as possible.
・ Please refer to the figure above when measuring.
・ If you have any questions about the size, please contact us from the inquiry. The staff will explain to you.