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4th Anniversary NoveltyFair

Thank you for your continued patronage of MONCHERI.

Moncheri was celebrating its 4th anniversary this winter.

With the daily gratitude to everyone,

4th Aniversary Novelty Fair will be held♡

Present details

At MONCHERI online store during the campaign period

Products11,000 yen (excluding tax) or moreFrom among the customers who purchase

First 300 peopleWith Kuma -san's Cairo Pouch

Present a repetition of eco -kairo

[Kuma -san's Cairo Pouch]

Monsterio Original

Cute Kuma -san Cairo Pouch


Cairo pouch vertical: 11cm horizontal 11cm

Eco Cairo vertical: 9.5cm wide 9.5cm

MONCHERI logo embroidery♡

[How to use]
Bend the metal plate in Cairo to warm it up.
Wrap the crystallized Cairo after use with a cloth or handkerchief,
Boil in the boiled water for about 10 minutes.

Campaign Overview

Campaign period
2023.11.14 (Tue) 21:00
~ Ends as soon as novelty is gone

Customers who purchase more than 11,000 yen (excluding tax) at MONCHERI online store during the campaign period, the first 300 people.
* The novelty will be shipped with the order you ordered.

Present content
Kuma -san's Cairo Pouch

Novelty will be delivered on a limited quantity on a first -come, first -served basis (order order). We will guide you on this page as soon as the novelty is gone, but it may take some time to update. Please note.

Please note that even if you order separately, it will not be eligible even if it exceeds the total of 11,000 yen.

The total of 11,000 yen (excluding tax) is the total amount of the product that does not include shipping and consumption tax.

Novelty will give you one point for one order.

Reserved items will be shipped after the product arrives. If the novelty ends at the time of the product shipment, it will not be covered by novelty.

Delivery date and time specified product will not be bundled if the novelty at the time of product shipment is completed.

If the amount of money is not provided by novelty due to all the returns of the product or some return, please return the novelty regardless of the reason for the return.

If the delivery destination of the product is different from the address of the order form, only the novelty cannot be sent.

We cannot respond to inquiries about novelty inventory.

We will not contact you at the time of shipping about the bundle of novelty.

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