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Privacy Policy

MONCHERI (hereinafter referred to as our shop) makes me compliance with the laws and regulations regarding personal information protection, and handles your personal information based on the following policies.

What is personal information?

With information about individuals, it is information that can identify individuals such as name, address, phone number, email address, purchase history, or information that is possible. In addition, the combination with other information also includes information that individuals can identify (industries etc.).

About collection of personal information

Usually, when browsing Moncheri (Montshelli) sites (hereinafter referred to as our site), no information about your customers can be entered or disclosed, so it is free to use anonymously. However, at the time of inquiry when membership registration and product purchase, when inquired, we asked for the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc., such as the product review etc. For the purpose of using those information, please refer to "Managing personal information" for management for the purpose of using personal information.

About the purpose of using personal information

Our shop uses personal information for the following purposes.

Credit card numbers specified in connection with the payment of goods to customers and payment information such as bank account etc.
Confirmation of order contents and delivery method.
Information for campaigns, products and services conducted by our shop.
As a result of your feedback and questionnaire received from customers, use history etc.
For retention of login information so that the next member login can be done easily. Cookie is used and it is optional whether or not to hold.
Used when necessary for other site operation.

About management of personal information

Our shop manages personal information in the following system.

We limit the use of personal information to only those who need business and thorough management of content that contains personal information. However, business execution such as providing products and services to customers may provide some of the personal information to the external consignee. In that case, the business consignee will properly manage personal information.
Personal information that has become unnecessary will be deleted from time to time.

About disclosure of personal information

Our shop does not disclose personal information to a third party unless you agree with your customers. However, if the following cases apply to the following cases it is not the case.

If there is a request from the government, court, prosecutor, police, bar association, consumer center, or agency that conforms to them.
If there is a special provision for laws and regulations.
If you need to protect or defend the rights, property or service from the action of laws and regulations and our customs usage and precautions, you need to protect or defend the property or service.

In addition, when trading with customers, such as delivery of products, it is not necessary to provide a third party when making necessary external consignment such as a carrier.

Scope of application

The scope of the above privacy policy applies within this site. As a rule, the page containing the address "" is within this site.

Method for disclosure of personal information, detachment and deletion

Personal information strives to manage as accurate and up-to-date as possible.
In addition, please contact the inquiry window below for disclosure and deletion of personal information.
In order to prevent leakage of personal information to third parties, we will respond only if the request is by the customer.

Query window for personal information

Click here for inquiries

In our shop, we will continue to provide high quality service, which will continue to provide high quality services while treating your personal information. Thank you in advance for the handling of personal information of our guests.

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