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Monchér Happybag 2024

Monchéri original lucky bag (Happybag) 2024

Happybag for the first time from moncheri!
To the end of the year, to your dog
Would you like to give a great gift?♡

Monster/Dog clothes/lucky bags/Item lineup

Monster/Dog Clothes/Lucky Bags/Set Contents/Contents/Spoilers/Rompers

Monchéri -like, dull color
Rompers whose gingham check is cute.
Use soft, elastic fabric
For dogs of various body types
It is made to fit♡

Monster/dog clothes/lucky bags/set contents/contents/spoilers/rompers/sizes/s/m/l/xl

Monster/dog clothes/lucky bags/set contents/contents/spoilers/outer/fur vest

Furbest of cute kuma -san pattern.
Piping and pockets are points.
With the back button specification, changing clothes is easy ◎
With a lightweight but outstanding heat retention, a fur vest
The dog's cold protection measures are perfect♡

Monster/Dog Clothes/Lucky Bags/Set Contents/Contents/Spoilers/Outer/Size/S/M/L/XL

Monster/Dog clothes/lucky bag/Set contents/contents/spoilers/tops/

Simple high -neck rib tops
Even if you wear it with one piece or a layered wear
A military item that is sure to be a big success.
Like Rompers
Use high elastic fabric ◎
As a hair loss of hair loss during the hair change period
You can use it all season.

Monster/Dog Clothes/Lucky Bags/Set Contents/Contents/Spoilers/Tops/Size/S/M/L/XL

Monsteri/Dog clothes/lucky bags/set contents/contents/spoilers/warmers/shoppers/

A drawstring type warmer with a bear pattern.
Used fluffy fur fabric
It is a monchéri -like item.
With a bag or pet cart when you go out
Excellent things that can be used as blankets ◎
Summarize your dog's toys and clothes
It is also recommended to use it as a storage bag!

Monster/Dog clothes/lucky bags/Set contents/contents/spoilers/tops/free/free

Monster/Dog clothes/lucky bags/set contents/contents

MONCHERI Original lucky bag (Happybag) 2024 edition size variation

Monster/Dog clothes/lucky bags/Size deployment/S/M/L/XL/~ 2kg/~ 4kg/~ 6kg/~ 8kg

MONCHERI Original lucky bag (Happybag) 2024 Wearing model/Size Reference/Weight List/

Monster/Dog Clothes/Lucky Bags/Wearing Model/Toy Poodle (2kg Wear Size S)/PomePoo (2.2kg Wear Size S)/Pomeranian (2.3kg Wear Size M)/Malpoo (3.2kg Wearing Size M)/Chiwa Zoo (3.6kg (3.6kg) Wearing size M)/Peco Poo (4.2kg Wearing size L)/Mameshiba (5.4kg Wear size L)/Marpome (3.3kg Wear size L) Chiwa Maru (3.8kg Wear size L)/Betit Frize (6kg Wear size L)/ Mameshiba (5.4kg worn size XL)/

MONCHERI Original lucky bag (Happybag) 2024 Wearing model/Size Reference/Weight List/

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