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Dog Apparel & Accessories - monchéri

TOMBONIA × MONCHERI collaboration items are now on sale !!

Tombonia x MONCHERI Collaboration Original Drawing Illustration Limited Goods

Collaboration items of the popular illustrator "TOMBONIA" x Moncheri are on sale! !
Introducing 4 items printed with original illustrations drawn only monchéri♡

What is tombonia?

Very popular on Instagram! !
The POP UP store can be in line ...♡
It seems like the expression loosens without thinking
The slightly loose and cute illustration is attractive.
This time it is original for monchéri
I had you draw the illustration!

TOMBONIA/Tombonia/A4 size tote bag/ivory/charcoal gray

A simple tote bag with a cute doggy drawn with a boy. It is an easy -to -use item not only as a walk bag but also for everyday use. 100%polyester makes it hard to wrinkle, so it's nice to wash and dry it immediately even if it gets dirty ..♡

TOMBONIA/Tombonia/Walk bag/Deodorant Pouch/Bioliner/Biorina/Deodorite Processing/Ivory/Charcoal Gray

A drawstring bag depicting a boy and a doggy who is checking the grooming. As well as your dog and your own accessories, the inside uses deodorant and antibacterial fabric, so you can use it widely as a snack, diaper of your dog, and manner bags. We have two colors, ivory and charcoal gray, so that you can use it in unisex.

TOMBONIA/Tombonia/Harness/Small dog/walk

A set item of the harness and lead that the dogs with a lovely look are printed. A gentle beige shade of MONCHERI ◎ The name is embroidered on the set lead!
Recommended as one of the only dog ​​-chan goods in the world.♡

TOMBONIA/Tombonia/Cool Gel Mat/Cool/Heat Stroke Countermeasures/Drive

The beige piping color that is gentle on a cute illustration is pointed ◎ Because it is foldable and portable, it can be used at home as well as sandy beaches, pet beds, and cars. It is the same pattern as TOMBONIA collaboration harness+read set [name embroidery]], so it is recommended to use it as a set when going out.♡

TOMBONIA/Tombonia/Tote bag/pouch/harness/gel mat/Summary

It is a unisex item that can be used regardless of fashion. It is also recommended to use your family, friends, lovers, etc. together or give it as a gift.♡

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