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Flower tape harness
Flower tape harness
Flower tape harness
Flower tape harness
Flower tape harness
Flower tape harness
Flower tape harness
Flower tape harness
Flower tape harness
Flower tape harness
Flower tape harness
Flower tape harness
Flower tape harness
Flower tape harness
Flower tape harness
Flower tape harness
Flower tape harness

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Mocha Mocha
Small dog/harness/lead/walk/go/fashion/cute/thumbnail
Small dog/harness/lead/walk/go out/fashion/cute/main image
Small dog/harness/lead/walk/go out/fashion/cute/Recommended point
Small dog/harness/lead/walk/go out/fashion/cute/Color variation/mocha
Small dog/harness/lead/walk/go out/fashion/cute/coordination item/title
Small dog/harness/lead/walk/go out/fashion/cute/coordination item/2way flower tape lead
Small dog/harness/lead/walk/go out/fashion/cute/size
The flower pattern embroidery tape is a cute harness.
Of course, you can combine it with your lead
With the 2way flower tape lead of the same series
It is also recommended to use it together.

Click here for recommended coordination items
2way flower tape lead

Pomeranian x Toy Poodle (Beige) Wear Size M/2.7kg
Pomeranian (brown) Wear size S/1.9kg
Pomeranian (white) Wear size M/weight 2.9kg

Material: 100 % polyester
size Neck (cm) Chest (cm) Back side length (cm) Harness width (cm) Estimated weight (kg)
S 22~30 31~38 9.0 2 ~3
M 30~39 35~42 10.5 2.0 ~6
◆ Product image is a worn image.
The color may differ from the real thing depending on the light and angle.
◆ Please note that the description size may differ from the actual one depending on the material.
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